Tuesday, 4 July 2017

Opra for all!

On the Thursday the 29 June 2017 some of the pupils in ks2 visited Skegness embassy to perform opra. It was very fun to perform our parts of the story of Semele, also it was fun to work with the schools. We learnt 3 different songs. These were called: lucky Omans, avert these Omans and endless pleasure.

First of all we rehearsed our part with Sutton on sea it was really fun. After that, we got taken to the back stage area where we learnt two other songs. These were called: Algie meet a bear and engine engine number nine. Next at about 1o'clock we started to perform our parts as well as watching the other school. Our favourite part was Skegness academy because it was very emotional and I was acted out really well.   

                                              Written by 
                                 Sienna Parker and Erin Richardson y6 📽📽🎙

Opra reviews

On the  29th of June, some year 4,5 and 6 children were selected to participate in an opera workshop at the Embassy theatre in Skegness. This was a really fun experience as we got to perform our part of the story, on stage, to an audience. There were loads of other schools and we knew some people. Also, we learnt different songs;we went back stage to go up stairs. Each school performed a different part of the story: Semele. Our school sang three songs: avert these omens, endless pleasure and lucky omens. 

First of all,we arrived at the theatre and began to rehearse our part; we performed with Sutton on sea primary. After that,we got called to go upstairs to learn many new songs. At 1pm, all the schools began to perform their part to one another. Personally, our favourite section was Skegness Academy's as it was really emotional. 
Am and Ms y6