Thursday, 9 March 2017

World Book Day

On Thursday 2nd March Hogsthorpe Primary Academy had a world book day to celebrate all the books in the world.Children were able to come into school dressed as one of their favourite book characters, there were lots of different themes such as: David Walliams , Harry Potter, Superheroes, Villians and many more. We had a bake sale and children were asked if they could donate some cakes and biscuits that were sold at break time. Also they were asked to bring in a pound for dressing up. Cakes were sold at 25p each and the children who handed in a pound were given a free cake to say thank you. 

In the afternoon we had a whole school get together to create our very own dream jars. First we painted them with lots of different colours and then we wrote down what our dream was. It got very messy but was fun. The younger children sat with the older ones so we could coach and help one another.


In our lessons we encorporated world book day to have some fun.

By M.K

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