Thursday, 9 March 2017

The piano

Class Resilience were writing stories with flashbacks in. Here is an extract from one story:

 An over-powering memory forced its way through the mournful mans mind: depressed and scared. Shouts and screams echoed through his head whilst visions of his son blared in and out. Gunshots...blood...explosions. When would it end? One explosion later, his son's still body flew through the air. The midnight sky stared down; his son's body lay there. In a pool of blood, he cried, "Come on dad, I've got to tell you somethin', live an 'appy life." There was silence: his son was gone. He tried and tried to revive him but it didn't work. Grief over- took his body. How would he live without him? 
                                                             By AM     yr 6

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