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This is an extract from a story I have written called :The Piano

He had remembered that his wife always wore a pearl necklace (that he had bought her for their wedding,) her eyes were crystals,as bright as the moon.He will never be able to see her in person again...A memory sprang into his mind a ghostly figure appeared sat next to him.A pearl necklace hung around her neck "I am one of your memories,even though I am not here in person I shall always be in your heart."
"I don't want you to leave!" The old man whispered.

The Piano

J.W Year 5      This is an extract This Piano (my version)

A visible weightless hat was dropped on his head. A medic sign was on the front. He ran up to a burnt wall next to his brother. He nodded at Ben (his brother) to make a sign to shoot. Ben went out to shoot but he was a second late and he got shot. He tried with all of his might to try and get it out but helplessly couldn't. He felt guilty because he was a medical soldier and he couldn't save him. His last words were, "Save yourself." He ran from the wall and left his brother to rot in darkness and he knew no more.

World Book Day

On Thursday 2nd March Hogsthorpe Primary Academy had a world book day to celebrate all the books in the world.Children were able to come into school dressed as one of their favourite book characters, there were lots of different themes such as: David Walliams , Harry Potter, Superheroes, Villians and many more. We had a bake sale and children were asked if they could donate some cakes and biscuits that were sold at break time. Also they were asked to bring in a pound for dressing up. Cakes were sold at 25p each and the children who handed in a pound were given a free cake to say thank you. 

In the afternoon we had a whole school get together to create our very own dream jars. First we painted them with lots of different colours and then we wrote down what our dream was. It got very messy but was fun. The younger children sat with the older ones so we could coach and help one another.


In our lessons we encorporated world book day to have some fun.

By M.K

My own extract from our flashback text The Piano

Bang!Rifle shots.Explosions.He knew what this flashback was,it was the war where he and his brother had been fighting for the country. But this was where his brother finished his journey. They were dashing twirls the bombarded wall he urged "Cover me brother, "he reapplied "Ok but get the medic kit." As his brother turned a corner he was gunned down by the Germans. Rushing to his brother in need he grabbed his hand and screamed "Don't die on me you were the greatest soldier I knew." After a while he knew it was to late his body was left to rot in the red liquid (blood.) Then he realised he would have to finish his mission alone!

The piano by LM year 6

This is an extract from my version of The Piano

As the old lonesome man stood in the middle of the cold bleak isolated room, he hesitantly started to creep up to the old grimy family piano. He felt like it hadn't been touched since his beloved wife died. His old charming wedding ring glistened in the daylight encouraging him to play their wedding song. As he comfortably sat down on the dusty ancient chair, he started to get colder and colder. He stretched out his long wrinkly fingers, preparing for the first song he had played in years... 


The piano paragraph:3

One specific memory was stuck in his mind. All of a sudden,the sounds of guns being released. Shooting the ground,the smell of smoke drifted up his nose. Bang! His brother
was shot,by the over powering Germans! Sprinting over to his brother trying to save him. The bullet was stuck. He was blaming himself. Picking at the bullet he couldn't save his brother! In a pool of red blood, his brother lay still sleeping and not awakening. Starting at his brothers grey eyes while his brothers skin turned paler and paler. "Help!" He shouted out.  Sadly his brother passed away. How would he service whiteout his brother? He had been wanting to relive that moment, save him but he couldn't. 

M.S Year  6

This a paragraph from my story

Suddenly he heard a knock, then he returned to the present day. His grandson whispered to him "Hi grandad, can I play with you?" 
"Come up and jump on the stool" said the old man. Then his grandson started playing the piano. They smiled at each other. 
By J.O.    year 6


The piano - paragraph 1 from my story

As he walked into the room he hesitated to take another step onto the withered floor boards.     
He walked to his despised piano. His pale white fingers moving from one key to another. His cold-blue eyes had tears dripping down his face full of sorrow. He solemnly started the tune DING!! Abruptly memories came swirling in his 
crying in sadness he kept playing.

By J.M   Year 6

The Paino EB year5

An extract from the piano:

The weak man's fingers were frozen onto the rusted keys.whilest he played the sorrow-filled rhythm, the candles started to dramatically flicker on and off. The room turned as cold as a snow storm.Then ,he pressed the only key he had always..Dreaded...

Extract from my story - The Piano

All of a sudden he was in the war as a medic with his brother (Bob). They were trying to hide behind a wall; his brother decided to peek over the wall and shoot the Germans, but before he had chance to shoot them they shot him in the chest. "NO," cried Dave trying to help him, but it was too late, his face went white and he died in his arms. A tear fell from his eye. "Why him?" He thought to himself.
By B.L B   Year 6

An extract from my story - The piano

When the old man finally started to play the song on the piano his eyes filled with tears. His wrinkly fingers started to shake. Normally he had happy flash backs but it all changed. The room went cold, then memories flooded his brain.

By  J.I   Year 5

The piano - the 3rd paragraph of my story

BANG!! CRASH!! Gunshots. His brother and him ran against a smashed, burnt wall for cover. Then Henry (the brother) peaked out and was going to shoot someone but he was one second too late to release the trigger... BANG!! Henry got shot in the chest. The old man tried to remove the bullet but he failed and these words were the last. "Save yourself." Henry said quietly. Then he passed away in his arms. "Noooo!" he cried "Why him?

By LS. Year 5

The Piano - an extract from my story.

The man had to forget. It hurt too much , he had to stop . His stitched heart telling his mind to forget . Slowly and painfully , the old man forgot about the memory that created his love  for music . He solemnly stood from his stool and shuffled out of the bare room , closing the oak door with a creak behind him . 

By BB     year 5 

The piano by M.T

This is an extract from the piano. 

Any minute now he would start to play yet his uncontrollable feelings were still taking over his frail body. Deliberately, he started to play the tender tune of his wife's rhythm. Scarcely opening his eyes, he hit the high note. Suddenly, the dull room became light, cold became warm and a bright figure appeared next to him. His wife sat beside him, her bright smile soothed him, she wore a white frock and her ocean blue eyes were crystals to the soul. Though you could see right through her, she still meant the world to the mournful man. Just as she started to play, he looked down at her hand and something was missing, it didn't quite make her complete.

By M.T 

The piano by ED

This is an extract from the piano.

It was John~ his brother ~ he was attacking the overpowering Germans: he was to save hostages from the burned down HQ. Gunshots...blood...explosions... he was livid. The old frail man knew where he was ~ it was the death-thirsty bomb site. John , who was brave and strong , jumped out from behind the dilapidated building.Bang!...He was shot. The old man~ the medic~ said soothingly " stay strong brother!" "Please!" Should he shouldn't he pull the bullet from his tender chest? He did. But the last words were already spoken " cherish every day and every night." His stone grey eyes turning black, his green uniform now red with blood. He was surrounded by the pool of midnight red. Every other soldier accepted his death; apart from the old frail man, who was full of emotion. Although the others left him to die, the old prayed on his brothers body... That night he had cried himself to sleep. Even though he is dead; he still lives on in his heart.

The piano

An extract from the piano
WM yr 5

It was a sensational force that drew him closer like the strongest magnet though the grief had not past yet; there was more to come. His bony fingers were glued to the keys , his wedding ring glistening in the light.Suddenly , he heard a faint voice "I'm here my love, I shall never leave your side so long as you believe." It was his wife. Tears trickled down his face.Why did she have to go? She was so loving , so picturesque. Her ocean blue eyes would always look at him with curiosity and her curly grey hair, that was like a cloud falling over face, would always fall with great beauty. Her death was the worst thing to ever happen to him;it was the work of the Devil.

The 2nd paragraph of my flash back story -The Piano

Then he remembered back in the war. It was a gloomy and emotional day. They could hear planes flying in the distance. They were low and sounded like prehistoric birds soaring across the sky. Gunshots were falling. The old man's brother fell to the ground. The old man was a medic and tried to save him. Sadly he couldn't save his brother. He was shot and died.

 by A.O.      Year 5

The piano

Class Resilience were writing stories with flashbacks in. Here is an extract from one story:

 An over-powering memory forced its way through the mournful mans mind: depressed and scared. Shouts and screams echoed through his head whilst visions of his son blared in and out. Gunshots...blood...explosions. When would it end? One explosion later, his son's still body flew through the air. The midnight sky stared down; his son's body lay there. In a pool of blood, he cried, "Come on dad, I've got to tell you somethin', live an 'appy life." There was silence: his son was gone. He tried and tried to revive him but it didn't work. Grief over- took his body. How would he live without him? 
                                                             By AM     yr 6