Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Creative Mythical Creatures

In Owls class, year 4 and 5 we have been finding out about Greek mythical creatures. For homework, we created some of our own. Some of us made models, wrote fact files and stories about how the creatures came into being! 

Dark wing by RJ year4

Sharkman by LM year4

 Gorilla grid, Wolfy and Cerberies  by ED and JM

Roboticosaurus Rex  by BB year4

Flowertaur by AM year4

Seagull Hawk by SP year4

Broc by DR year4

  Rainbow Drops  by CR year5

Candy Cat by MS year4

Minopus by ER year4

The God Defender by CJ year5

Treekoalaroo by MT year4

Duckagon by SR year5

Meet Sleepagon by SF year5

Tutifoody by PR year5

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