Sunday, 26 April 2015

Owls Class Poems


On sunny days the ghosts drift off,
Dreaming of when they had a life.
And might it be, that just a glimmer
Of light will just be able
To defeat the sadness,
That roams around in the mist?

After many tries it is clear,
The sun is smiling down,
For he is happy he has
Managed to steer away the mist.

On days when the sun has overslept,
All is different,
No sleep applies to the ghosts,
For work of spooking has just begun!
They reach for souls to fill,
The gap where the heart should be.

No droplets of tears come falling down,
For there is nothing to cry about,
As there is lots of life out there,
And people to scare.

They try to munch away,
But it is just no use
Taking someone's life,
For theirs is just not right!


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