Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Owls class' Tropical Terror part two

The next morning, Peter and Lisa awoke to the sound of seagulls screeching. A cool breeze was brushing over the top of them and the hot burning sun was blazing down on them like an angel from heaven. The bright golden sand was like a huge soft hand warming them. Minutes later, Peter slowly stood up trying not to fall on Lisa and then helped her up. "Where are we?" asked Peter
."I don't know" replied Lisa.
 After they asked questions that neither of them could answer, they went to investigate the jungle. In the jungle there were lots of beautiful women with their pet tigers. "Hello,  I'm Peter and this my sister Lisa," Peter said in a nervous voice.
Both of the children were afraid of the tigers and they were so scared they ran off. "Run Peter run, keep going or they will eat us alive!" Lisa screamed.
 As they reached cave, Peter noticed some bananas and passion fruit and because he was hungry, he climbed the tree and picked off all the fruit. " Hay Lisa look what I've got!!" shouted Peter and Lisa ran over.  Both of them sat down and ate the fruit hungrily.

 That night, Lisa woke up to aloud crash. She ran outside to see what the commotion was about but before she could waltz around she had been tripped over and dragged into the dark forest...

Check in next week for the third thrilling part of Tropical Terror!


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