Monday, 23 June 2014

Travel in Time part three

Later on, Daffy returned with plenty of food for Charlie, the lion, and herself. Soon they were all munching on fruit and other treats. Then there was a shake, then a rumble, and then a big bang!
Out spread boiling hot lava " What's happening?" Charlie squealed. The lava flooded around them. The lion whimpered and Charlie squealed again. Daffy was a quick thinker and pulled out her necklace that her grandmother gave her from her pocket she put it round her neck along with Charlie's and the lions necks as well. She pressed a button and the necklace started ticking. Suddenly the lava disappeared " Where did the lava go?" Asked Charlie.
"Shh!" Whispered Daffy, so he didn't say another word. " You have got to be quiet and you must not be heard or seen. We have gone back in time if somebody sees you they will think you've gone mad."
" oh ok," Said Charlie.
" Come on we need to hide behind that bush over there!" whispered Daffy. They all followed Daffy to the big green bush and settled down behind it. Daffy peered cautiously though the bushes to see herself, Charlie and the lion at the dead end talking. So she told the others to follow her down to the beach to make a raft, of course the lion was coming home with them and Charlie was fascinated by a parrot they had seen earlier that day up in some trees. It had swooped down and landed on his shoulder while copying every word that Charlie said.

Check back next week for the final part!
By SF Y4

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