Monday, 23 June 2014

Prison in Paradise part-3

Forty two minutes later, Palk and Slipknot have now joined forces to find shelter and try to survive but they still hadn't figured out how to get off the huge plane." If we use the vines to make a harness and rope then tie it to one of our waists to lower one of us down," Slipknot explained.
" Ok,I'll tie the rope around my waist you get in the Harness,"insisted Palk, so Slipknot slipped on the harness and sat on the edge of the plane. Palk hoisted her down but she was too heavy. Palk fell off the edge of the slippery plane causing them to fall. Slipknot's quick reactions saved them. She grabbed onto the plane wing. " Help Help!" they both shouted... Soon a little man came with a web of of rope. " I'm Wilk," shouted the man.Just let go of the rope, I'm here to help!" Palk let go of the vine. The web of rope caught him. It was very bouncy like a bouncy castle. Meanwhile, Slipknot's hand was slipping; the planes wing felt like butter... She plummeted rapidly towards the sandy beach, but luckily Wilk caught her. "You look tired, let me take you back to my cave," insisted Wilk.

One hour later, our heroes had been venturing forth following a strange little man, with an eye patch, through a narrow, dark and dingy tunnel until they saw a clearing in the distance. As they walked through the shaft of light, they saw a beautiful area which was bordered off from the other part of the island. " Home, sweet home," shouted Wilk. " Now you two go and get some sleep."
They dashed into a deep yet very homely cave. "I don't know about this, I mean how did Wilk hear our cries from this far away?" whispered Slipknot suspiciously.
" Look, I don 't care, I just want to go to sleep," answered Palk sounding very annoyed.

Check back next week for the thrilling finale!
Written by DG Y6

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