Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Owls' Clas sTravel in Time story part two

A few hours later, Charlie and Daffy woke up on the island. "Wow," said Daffy, "Let's go and explore."
 So the two children set out to explore but what they didn't know is that on the other side of the island was a volcano. as the children passed the ruby red roses, a lion was peering through the bushes (he was licking his lips). Charlie and Daffy walked some more and admired the palm trees that glittered in the golden sun. a couple of hours later, they were looking at tulips that were swaying gently in the breeze when Daffy heard a sound. she looked back and screamed "Lion!"
Charlie swerved round and shouted, "Leg it!" so they both rapidly legged it but the lion gave chase. The children came to a dead end but the lion didn't stop, he prowled towards them and rubbed his nose against Daffy's arm. "What a friendly fellow!" chirped Daffy as she stroked it's golden mane. "Friendly fellow, friendly fellow', squawked a parrot up above in the trees.
 "Come on, let's head back," said Charlie. so they headed back with the lion still by their sides when Daffy suddenly whispered "Shh. Can you hear something?"
"No," replied Charlie, "I can only hear a faint rumbling noise but that's my tummy because I'm starving!"
"Oh," replied Daffy, "I'll go and find some food then."

Written by SF

Watch this space next week for the next instalment!


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