Monday, 23 June 2014

Travel in Time part three

Later on, Daffy returned with plenty of food for Charlie, the lion, and herself. Soon they were all munching on fruit and other treats. Then there was a shake, then a rumble, and then a big bang!
Out spread boiling hot lava " What's happening?" Charlie squealed. The lava flooded around them. The lion whimpered and Charlie squealed again. Daffy was a quick thinker and pulled out her necklace that her grandmother gave her from her pocket she put it round her neck along with Charlie's and the lions necks as well. She pressed a button and the necklace started ticking. Suddenly the lava disappeared " Where did the lava go?" Asked Charlie.
"Shh!" Whispered Daffy, so he didn't say another word. " You have got to be quiet and you must not be heard or seen. We have gone back in time if somebody sees you they will think you've gone mad."
" oh ok," Said Charlie.
" Come on we need to hide behind that bush over there!" whispered Daffy. They all followed Daffy to the big green bush and settled down behind it. Daffy peered cautiously though the bushes to see herself, Charlie and the lion at the dead end talking. So she told the others to follow her down to the beach to make a raft, of course the lion was coming home with them and Charlie was fascinated by a parrot they had seen earlier that day up in some trees. It had swooped down and landed on his shoulder while copying every word that Charlie said.

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By SF Y4

Tropical terror part-3

The next morning,when Peter woke up,he sat and looked to his right and found his sister wasn't there. "Lisa Lisa Lisa where are you!" Peter bellowed. What peter didn't know was that his sister had been attacked by a tiger and taken to the women."I think I know where Lisa is," said Peter . he jumped in the air joyfully and then sprinted off into the forest following marks in the copper brown mud. As he approached the sound of yelling, he saw his sister tied to a tree with one woman telling her to shut up. Suddenly he heard movement in the emerald bushes then the other woman sprang out and hit him on the head. He saw blackness...
By ML Y5

Prison in Paradise part-3

Forty two minutes later, Palk and Slipknot have now joined forces to find shelter and try to survive but they still hadn't figured out how to get off the huge plane." If we use the vines to make a harness and rope then tie it to one of our waists to lower one of us down," Slipknot explained.
" Ok,I'll tie the rope around my waist you get in the Harness,"insisted Palk, so Slipknot slipped on the harness and sat on the edge of the plane. Palk hoisted her down but she was too heavy. Palk fell off the edge of the slippery plane causing them to fall. Slipknot's quick reactions saved them. She grabbed onto the plane wing. " Help Help!" they both shouted... Soon a little man came with a web of of rope. " I'm Wilk," shouted the man.Just let go of the rope, I'm here to help!" Palk let go of the vine. The web of rope caught him. It was very bouncy like a bouncy castle. Meanwhile, Slipknot's hand was slipping; the planes wing felt like butter... She plummeted rapidly towards the sandy beach, but luckily Wilk caught her. "You look tired, let me take you back to my cave," insisted Wilk.

One hour later, our heroes had been venturing forth following a strange little man, with an eye patch, through a narrow, dark and dingy tunnel until they saw a clearing in the distance. As they walked through the shaft of light, they saw a beautiful area which was bordered off from the other part of the island. " Home, sweet home," shouted Wilk. " Now you two go and get some sleep."
They dashed into a deep yet very homely cave. "I don't know about this, I mean how did Wilk hear our cries from this far away?" whispered Slipknot suspiciously.
" Look, I don 't care, I just want to go to sleep," answered Palk sounding very annoyed.

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Written by DG Y6

Friday, 20 June 2014

Fascinating Flowers

Today in Science we learned how flowers reproduce. We took apart flowers and identified different parts of them. We then used I pads to find out the function of each part of the flower. We then acted out a life cycle of a flowering plant.

By BW Y5

Thursday, 19 June 2014

Owls' Class trip to The Eco Centre

We had a great time on Tuesday 17th June and learned a lot about life cycles and plants. We went pond dipping and found some scary and cute creatures. We identified different trees in the woodland. After lunch we built dens. They were tested to see if they were rainproof. Some of us got a bit soggy! Our day was rounded off sitting around the camp fire eating toasted marshmallows! 

Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Owls' Clas sTravel in Time story part two

A few hours later, Charlie and Daffy woke up on the island. "Wow," said Daffy, "Let's go and explore."
 So the two children set out to explore but what they didn't know is that on the other side of the island was a volcano. as the children passed the ruby red roses, a lion was peering through the bushes (he was licking his lips). Charlie and Daffy walked some more and admired the palm trees that glittered in the golden sun. a couple of hours later, they were looking at tulips that were swaying gently in the breeze when Daffy heard a sound. she looked back and screamed "Lion!"
Charlie swerved round and shouted, "Leg it!" so they both rapidly legged it but the lion gave chase. The children came to a dead end but the lion didn't stop, he prowled towards them and rubbed his nose against Daffy's arm. "What a friendly fellow!" chirped Daffy as she stroked it's golden mane. "Friendly fellow, friendly fellow', squawked a parrot up above in the trees.
 "Come on, let's head back," said Charlie. so they headed back with the lion still by their sides when Daffy suddenly whispered "Shh. Can you hear something?"
"No," replied Charlie, "I can only hear a faint rumbling noise but that's my tummy because I'm starving!"
"Oh," replied Daffy, "I'll go and find some food then."

Written by SF

Watch this space next week for the next instalment!


Owls class' Tropical Terror part two

The next morning, Peter and Lisa awoke to the sound of seagulls screeching. A cool breeze was brushing over the top of them and the hot burning sun was blazing down on them like an angel from heaven. The bright golden sand was like a huge soft hand warming them. Minutes later, Peter slowly stood up trying not to fall on Lisa and then helped her up. "Where are we?" asked Peter
."I don't know" replied Lisa.
 After they asked questions that neither of them could answer, they went to investigate the jungle. In the jungle there were lots of beautiful women with their pet tigers. "Hello,  I'm Peter and this my sister Lisa," Peter said in a nervous voice.
Both of the children were afraid of the tigers and they were so scared they ran off. "Run Peter run, keep going or they will eat us alive!" Lisa screamed.
 As they reached cave, Peter noticed some bananas and passion fruit and because he was hungry, he climbed the tree and picked off all the fruit. " Hay Lisa look what I've got!!" shouted Peter and Lisa ran over.  Both of them sat down and ate the fruit hungrily.

 That night, Lisa woke up to aloud crash. She ran outside to see what the commotion was about but before she could waltz around she had been tripped over and dragged into the dark forest...

Check in next week for the third thrilling part of Tropical Terror!


Owls'Class Prison in Paradise part two

Three days later, Palk lay on the soggy ochre sand, after being washed up on the shore of a mysterious island. As he regained his senses, he began to see and hear the aqua waves gushing onto his floppy blonde hair. All his hair gel had been washed out so now his hair looked like a raggy old mop. His vision was still blurry but even now he could still see no sign of life. With his muscles shaking, he stumbled to his feet. The sun's rays hit him like a laser beam warming him through! Where was? He began to explore the island. It looked like a paradise, so he ventured forth only to see an extraordinary sight; plants swirling in the breeze. But when he looked up, he noticed a giant aeroplane lodged in between a huge branch of a tree. He dashed over to the brown tree trunk but there was no way up. He kicked the roasting hot sand, which then showered back into his sapphire eyes.  "Youch!" he shouted. His vision went blurry again and his eyes were sore. He stumbled about three feet to the left then fell over, and when his vision came to him again, he realised he hadn't fallen over, he had tripped on a gigantic maroon tree trunk with a thorny jade vine like a coiled viper. Mahogany thorns were as big as his hand. He then had a magnificent idea, the vine could be used as a ladder to shimmy his way up the tree, so he could get a better view. With his hands firmly gripped to the thorn, he extended his leg upward. Before he knew it, he was already at the top. He placed his hand to his brow and searched around. He had seen a girl sleeping in the aeroplane. She had ginger hair, green eyes, freckles and a black leather jacket, a vermillion t- shirt with an ashen skull imprinted on it and ripped denim jeans.
"Yes, yes!" he shouted doing a little jig. He looked up. There was an olive vine. He would swing across. He grabbed the vine above him and pushed off from the tree. "Ow yeah!" exclaimed Palk with his right hand thumping the air. He was too busy seeing the ground move underneath him and he did not notice that he was going to crash into the plane. "Help!" bellowed Palk. A charcoal dagger came rapidly shooting towards the prickly vine chopping it in two. Palk came plummeting down to the top of the aeroplane. The girl was holding an amber spear, "Talk," demanded the girl.
"Who are you, what are you doing here?"
"My name is Palk; my ship was stranded and I ended up washed up on this island."


Please check in next week for the third thrilling instalment of Prison in Paradise