Thursday, 22 May 2014

Owls' Class Fantastic Adventure Stories

Owls' Class have been independently writing their own imaginative stories. We will publish one part each week. Hope you enjoy them!

Prison in Paradise by DG Y6

"Is anyone there!?" shouted Palk as the waves crashed rapidly against the boat and water sprayed through the SSBadger. The navy blue waves span round the boat like a tornado. The boat was being devoured by the hungry sea. The boat tipped on its side. He speedily grabbed onto the corroded metal bar above him. Then the trophy cabinet smashed, the translucent glass, as sharp as needle points, shattered all down his milky white arm, soon transforming his white arm into a deep scarlet red. "Oww!" his hand opened, causing him to let go of the bar and fall into the aqua waters below. He couldn't tread water because his legs were too cold. Just as he thought that anything couldn't get any worse, the SSBadger was lurched on its side. It was about to fall over on him! There was no time to swim away. The hard steal collided on his head knocking him unconscious...

Let the author of this story know what you think of this super story.

Visit us again after the half term holiday for the next part of this thrilling adventure!


  1. Wow! What a brilliant story so far. I will definitely be watching for the next installment.

  2. cant wait 4 the next installment


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