Thursday, 22 May 2014

Owls' Class Fantastic Adventure Stories

Owls' class have been independently writing their own imaginative stories. We will publish one part each week. Hope you enjoy them!

Tropical Terror by ML Y5

"Mind out falling wood!" shouted Uncle Bill, as the old small boat smashed against the rocks.The side of the ship was torn away from the main part of the boat.As the ship tipped sideways,it started to sink for a giant navy blue wave engulfed the small wooden whale like Poseidon's wet long arms."Uncle,uncle!" Peter exclaimed. "We're sinking rapidly.There's some rocks, we can stay there until tomorrow morning".
Then with a sudden flash of brightness lightning flashed from the sky and in the clouds thunder sounded like hundreds of stampeding elephants running around.The lighting made a huge hole in the in the middle of the ship.Lisa and Peter jumped hurriedly onto the rocks but Uncle Bill was stuck.His leg was trapped in a hole.Seconds later,  the boat was gone and so was Uncle Bill.
"Oh no" said Lisa in a whimpering voice.
Her brother comforted her."I'm so scared," moaned Lisa.
Later that evening , Lisa and Peter were laid on the wet cold beach with the waves washing up against the shore splashing against their feet.

Please let the author of this story know how much you enjoyed their super story.
Visit us again after the half them holiday for the next exciting instalment!

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