Thursday, 22 May 2014

Owls' Class Fantastic Adventure Stories

Owls' class have been independently writing their own imaginative stories. We will publish one part each week. Hope you enjoy them!

Travel in time by SF Y4

"Help!" screamed Daffy as the ship lurched violently from side to side.
"There's no use shouting Daffy,we are the only ones left on this ship and there aren't any other ships around in this monster of a storm!" yelled Charlie as he slid to the other side of the room.
They both ran to the back of the ship and found a trap door. Charlie lifted up the door and he and Daffy slipped inside. All of a sudden there was a loud Crash! Charlie and Daffy sprinted to the front of the ship. "Oh no!" cried Daffy.
" We have crashed into some rocks," explained Charlie. Just then the ship tilted forwards and Charlie and Daffy fell and hit their heads on the side of the ship and blacked out...

Please let the author of this story know how much you enjoyed reading this.
Visit us again after the half term holiday for the next exciting instalment!

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  1. They are realy good adveanture stories


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