Friday, 22 November 2013

Matilda the musical Review

Matilda the musical is one of the best musical we have ever seen. The musical is much funnier than the film because Miss Trunchbull is really hilarious as she is played by a man! She is the funniest character in the whole musical because she rides on a scooter and says "MAGGOTS!" Matilda's parents are different because Mrs Wormwood dances with a Spanish man and her dad is a crook who sells illegal cars. We also get to see Miss Honey's parents and what happens to her mum and dad.

Near the end there are Russian Mafia people trying to look for Matilda's parents and Matilda can speak Russian so she can understand it.  The Russian Mafia leader liked Matilda but when they found Matilda's parents, she shows a bit of kindness to her parents and requests that the Mafia let them go.  Matilda's brother Michael isn't funny in the movie but he is in the musical. He doesn't talk much but in the middle of the musical Mr Wormwood sings a sing and Michael joins.  Michael only says "Telly and BACKWARDS!!!!!" 

 The songs were amazing and toe-tapping. The whole play was so funny that we almost fell off our seats with laughter FANTASTIC!!!!!!   We would definitely see it again if we had the chance and would highly recommend anyone to see it.  We give this musical a 10/10!

By D.H & C.M Owls' Class

A review about Matilda the musical

The story line

There is a girl called Matilda and her parents neglect her and she found out that anything she had to do she had to do herself, so the next day she goes to the nearest library and reads all the children's books then moves on to the adults books. Then she goes the school and through a series of events she manages to get rid of Miss Trunchbull the mean head teacher and then gets to live with Miss Honey a really nice teacher.

Movie to musical

The musical is a lot better than the play because it has a lot of humour in and additional characters such as Russian Mafia who are very sinister and creepy.

Main Characters

Mr wormwood played by James Clyde
Matilda played by Christina Fray
Mrs Wormwood played by Kay Murphy
Miss Trunchbull played by Alex Gaumond
Miss Honey played by Haley Flaherty

My thoughts
I liked the musical very much and I would recommend it to anyone.It is hilarious from start to finish you'll be laughing your head off by the time Miss Trunchbull gets out some lazers. Well I won't spoil it anymore in case you want to go and see it. Very good from start to finish and well worth a visit.

Favourite part :-
at the end when Miss Trunchbull goes across the stage on a scooter and shouts MAGGOTS!!
When Mr Wormwood asked the nurse when Matilda was first born, " Where's his thingy, you can't have a boy without a thingy."
I was cracking up.
You must go!

8.5 out of 10
because it missed out a lot of scenes from the book.

By Dani and Darcie Owls' Class

Marvellous Matilda Musical!!

We went on a visit to London to see Matilda the musical with the school and it was really amazing!The brother Michael was less humorous in the production than he was in the film, but the dad was more humorous and so was the mum. Matilda tells a story to Mrs Felps about an escapologist and the acrobat but it turns out to be Miss Honey's life. Matilda is a mind reader and has magical powers. The Musial is much better than the film. Miss Trunchbull was played by a boy and he did a really good job. He was hilarious, in fact so hilarious that I was crying with laughter! It was a brilliant production. I would recommend anyone of any age go and see it. I give it a five star rating.

By Grace Owls' Class

Monday, 18 November 2013

Marvellous Matilda cakes!

Today, Herons have been making marvellous Matilda chocolate cakes. The children will then be writing a set of instructions to tell everyone how to make these yummy cakes!

Friday, 15 November 2013

Tough twister

The magic Matilda made a mad maid.

Matilda Art!

This is Eliot ' s favourite part of Matilda the musical so he drew a picture of it. The
scene is when a newt jumped into Trunchbull's knickers. It was hilarious.
By Eliot and Pierce

Magical tongue twisters

Magical Matilda mims a magical song.

Magical Matilda mims a magical song.

By Jm

Matilda tongue twister

Lavender loves lavenders luxury lavenders.Lavenders luxury lavenders. Pr sn

For Children in Need we dressed as characters, some from Matilda

Tongue twister

The car goes backwards .
The car goes revers .
Mad Micheal Mad Micheal.
Mickle goes first .

My tongue twister is about Micheal and his favourite word.


Matilda Tongue Twister

Big Bruce Bogtrotter burped a big baked cake in a big bogged bath.

Jm. Mt.