Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Answers to jokes

No.1 defence
No.2 scrambled egg
No.3 no eye deer
No.4 because it was frozen
No.5 fish
No.6 he went on a Website
No.7 get inside a leopard
No.8 fast food
No.9 Muesli

Super Maths Quiz

Here is a quiz to test your knowledge of maths

What is 5x9

A ride costs £5.67 if there are 4 people wanting to go on it how much money will it cost?

Try and say the 7x table backwards

If there are 5 cats, 4 dogs, 6 hamsters and 2 lizards how many animals will there be?

Fun Riddles

What has a foot and no legs?
What goes down and never comes up?
Take off my skin and I won't cry but you will what am I?
What is alive but only has 1 foot?
What is the difference between here and there?
I am lighter than air but a thousand men can't lift me?
What can you hold without touching or using your hands?
What happens when you throw a yellow rock into a purple lake?
If you take 3 apples from 10 apples how many do you have?
What has a head tail it is brown and has no legs?
What holds two people together but there is only one?
What has a neck no head two arms but no hands?
How many birthdays does the average man have?
What bank has no money?
What has a tongue and no teeth?
What gets wetter and wetter the more it dries?
Where is the ocean the deepest?
What has a neck but no head?
What always sleeps with it shoes on?
What belongs to you but more people use?

Super pasta shells

For a lovely pasta dish you need:

6oz pasta shells(uncooked). Allow 3-4oz per person

2oz butter

2 tablespoons oil

6oz onions-finely sliced

2 cloves of garlic-crushed and chopped

6oz unsmoked bacon chopped

4oz peas and sweet corn mix-cooked

2 tomatoes peeled and sliced

4oz processed cheese

4 tablespoons single cream

Salt and black pepper to taste


Cook and drain the pasta as instructed stir in a knob of butter and keep in a serving dish.fry the garlic onion and bacon in the butter and oil until soft.add the tomatoes and seasonings. Cook for 5 minutes over a gentle heat stirring frequently. Add the cream peas and sweetcorn. Pour onto shells mix gently and sprinkle with grated cheese. Serve immediately.

Add pasta shells to at least 3 pints of boiling hot salted water.boil for 12-14 minutes stirring occasionally.

Lunchtime break

After we've had our lunch we go to break two children are chosen to do equipment so the rest of us can chose something to play with and we have a chart that tells us if we are on the equipment.

Key Events in World War II: Part 2

in 7th December 1941 Japanese attack Pearl Harbour in Hawaii so on the 8th of December 1941 the U.S.A declares war on the Japanese and on the 11th December 1941 U.S.A declares war on Germany and Italy. In 1943 the Jews were massacre because Hitler hated the Jewish religion. In 1944 16th December the Battle of Bulge where Germany tries to re-conquer Belgium after they tried to conquer Belgium Hitler Committed suicide so Germany surrenders and the war is over.


At school we have been learning to blog! We have been writing about lots of different things!

Body quiz

Hilarious jokes

Why did the orange stop roiling down the hill?
What's the name of a witches motorcycle?
Knock knock whose there boo .boo who there's no need to be scared?
Gnab this is bang out of order get it?
Why did the skeleton cross the road?
by Luke and Derry

Maths quiz blog

1. 11x7=
2. 28x2=
3. 75+26=
4. 28-27=
5. 50x2-5-1=

Bonfire Night

Bonfire night is on the 5th of November. We celebrate bonfire night because Guy Fawkes and his friends put gun powder under in the basement of a very important building in London where the king lived.

On bonfire night we make a bonfire and put Guy Fawkes on the top of it then.set off fireworks to remember that Guy Fawkes tried to set fire to the king.

Also on bonfire night we eat toffee apples and chocolate apple we also eat hot dogs and burgers.

These are some rules for bonfire night:

Keep your pets in the house,
Do not go near the fire,
If you have a sparkler put your gloves on,
When your sparkler has burned out put it in a bucket of cold water.

How to make a mini pizza.

Hungry? How about a mini pizza. I'll tell you how to make one

You will need
a bread muffin,
tomato pure'e,
and a adult to help.

Step 1
Cut the muffin in half.

Step 2
Add tomato pure'e on both halves.

Step 2
Grate the cheese.

Step 3
add the cheese on both halves.

Step 4
Add the toppings

Step 4
Cook for five minutes

Step 5


Horrid halloween tips

On halloween people dress up as zombies,skeleton,ghosts and witches.

Some safety tips!!!!!!

1. Don't go out on your own if your under 12 and stay with your parents

2.Be careful around the road and mind the cars.

Shakespeare Romeo and juliet

Eliot played the character Mercutio. Myles played the character Paris.
Paris was on Capulets side. Mercutio on Montagues side. When we was waiting we was quite
scared but when we got on stage both of us were very exited. We both remembered our
lines. All the audience clapped.
By Eliot and Myles

Horrible Halloween Story

One spooky night in a graveyard were zombies,ghosts and evil sprits float around and where witches fly round on their broomsticks with cats that screech as loud as they can.

Safety rules
1Never go trick or treating under 16s on your own.
2listen to what your parents say.

Coco Pop Cakes


1) 300g chocolate
2) coco pops

First you need to melt the chocolate
But before that you need to put the
Coco pops in a bowl then put they
Melted chocolate in the bowl then
Mix the ingredients then 30mins
In the fridge.

by Jazmine & Madison

Body quiz

Name ten bones in your body?
What protect your heart ?
How many bones are in your Cranium?
How many bones are in a baby?
How many bones are in your spine?
How many bones are in your leg?
What is the name for your funny bone?
Which muscles work together?
How many bones are in a adult?

Riddles to test your brain

30 white horses upon a red hill first they champ then they clamp then they stand still
What am I?

I have two legs and they only touch the ground when I'm resting
What am I?

What is harder to get the faster you run?

To whom do all men take their hats off?

Why was the belt arrested?

What has a horn but doesn't honk?

The more you take the more you leave?

Key Events in World War II: Part 1

A Experiment about Sound

The Owls class did a fun experiment using a tuning fork a bowl of water and a table tennis ball. We hit the table leg with the tuning fork then we put it next to a table tennis ball the ball bounced off the tuning fork this happened because the vibrating fork. We hit the table again but this time we put it in a bowl of water and we all got wet. We also saw ripples on the water.

How to carve the perfect halloween pumpkin!

Halloween a festival, we all like dressing up as ghosts and ghouls but the most essential part of Halloween is the pumpkins. When people walk past your window, and see your pumpkin they ether think that's brilliant or they should have put in more effort carving it. Here's the perfect tip on how to carve your pumpkin

Step 1
First cut off the bottom of your pumpkin, if you cut off the top then eventually the top will fall into your pumpkin, or it will burn and rot.

Step 2
Decide what design you wish to have on your pumpkin like a bat, witch, moon, ghost or just a face.

Step 3
if you carve it a week before Halloween, put it in a bucket of water.

Step 4
Light the candle in your pumpkin, and go trick of treating.

Step 5

By DG and KS

Our fabulous play of Romeo and Juliet

The interview with Romeo. Was it hard to learn your lines for the play? Did you enjoy the play? Were you nervous because it must be hard to go on stage in front of lots of people? The story was about two families one called the Montague's and one called the Capulets . There is a couple called Romeo and Juliet split up by a family feud later on they secretly got married next Romeo was banished from Verona and which makes her appear dead so kills himself with poised but suddenly Juliet waked up and saw Romeo dead and stabbed herself and the the two families stopped the feud . By Derry , Luke

Football in our PE Lessons

In our PE lessons we play football. We learn how to do kick ups and how to play matches. We
Also get split into two teams our teams were red and white. We have two football teachers .

Practical jokes

1. What did the big tap say to the little tap? You little squirt

2. What did the little tap say to the big tap? You big drip

3. What did the sea say to the sand? Nothing it just waved

4. What do you call a deer with no eyes? No eye deer

5. What do you call a deer with no eyes or legs? Still no eye deer

By Sadie and Bethany

Brilliant Baking cakes


1)100g of butter
2)40g cup of sugar
3)200g of self-raising flour
4)tsp of baking soda
5)2 eggs
6)coco powder
7)cup of choc chips

First you need to add the butter and the
Sugar then mix till creamy.
Add the flour baking soda 2 eggs
And coco powder , and mix after mixed
Add the choc chips and mix one more
Time and put in oven.

Next put your cake in a 6 or 8 inch pan
But first you need to grease the pan
So it can come out.
At 230 degrease in the oven

How to make the icing

1)One cup of water
2)Icing sugar

World war 2 display

Freaky Halloween Night

Halloween is a spooky dark dark night,where skeletons creep around everywhere and ghosts come out of their grave stones carrying a evil spirit and creeping up on people. There are werewolves howling and looking for their pray. Zombies wander around everywhere scaring people. Spiders crowd around your feet and follow you where ever you go. Bats and vampires watch you from up above.

By Grace and Jobey

Beautiful bonfire night

Bonfire night is were you have a big bonfire and and lots of fireworks.

Some safety tips about bonfire night!!!

1. Stay away from the fireworks.

2. Keep all animal inside.

3. Be careful around the bonfire and don't go near it and defiantly don't mess around.

4. When you are finished with your sparkler put it in cold water and leave it alone.

Our Crazy Life

I am here with my crazy friend she is so nice.
I love when she greets me in the playground in the morning
and I'm here with my crazy friend to she is a great friend.
Oh by the way my name is Jasmine and my friends name is
Hollie. My favourite game is mine craft and my friends
favourite game is mine craft and Jasmines favourite song
is roar by Katy perry and my friend Hollies favourite song is
counting star.

By Jasmine and Hollie

Key Events in World War II: part 1

In 1939 Neville Chamberlain officially declare war on Germany because the Germans invaded Poland. When rationing was around in 1940 people had a limited amount of food so you would have to not eat every thing at once but if you were a farmer you could eat you farm produce. When the air raids started you would hear a siren and you would have to get to the shelter there are 2 kinds of shelter one was called an Anderson shelter the other one is called a Morrison shelter.

By Pierce & Cameron


What position does the fence get in football?

What do you call a confused egg?

What do you call a deer with no eyes?

Why was the computer cold?

What do you call a fish with no eyes?

What did the spider do on his computer?

How do you go 60mph without a car?

What do you call a pizza on a moped?

What do cows have for breakfast?

Quiz on World War 2

1. What year did ww2 start?

2. Why did ww2 start?

3. Who was the leader of Germany?

4. Which countries took part in ww2?

5. Where did ww2 take place?

6. When was the first air raid in London?

7. Who declared ww2 on radio?

8. What were the names of the two shelters?

9. When did ww2 end?

10. Who won victory in ww2?

by Sadie and Bethany

Riddle blog!

What comes down but never goes up?
I have teeth but cannot bite,I can spin but I don't have legs,what am I?
What has no legs but does have a foot?
What can fly but doesn't have wings?
What do spiders go on to e-mail their friends?

To find out the answers tune into riddle blog next week!


Today Herons Class are measuring shadows in the playground and thinking about how the shadows will change during the day.  Will they get longer or shorter?
Your topics remaining for this year are
  • Around the World and Beyond
  • Animals and Pets
  • Going Green
Have a think what trips you think would be good and post your ideas here please.


Tuesday, 29 October 2013

A glimpse into Rainbow Class

 Practising Patterns
 Friendships forming!

 There is always time for a quick check up!

 We learn to work together
 We like to practise our cutting skills

Drawing on the whiteboard is always very popular

 We have been learning how to mix colours
 KS1 discussing Owl Babies in Literacy

Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Welcome to our new blog

We plan to use this website as a place where our pupils can tell the world about what they are up to.

Please do leave us comments.